How to Design a Box Mockup?

Designing a box mockup requires some kind of experience. We need to have the knowledge about lights shadows, hues and different other terms to give your presentation drawing a realistic look.

What size you are going to have for the box is another important aspect. Most of the times you get order for the global defined sizes or a custom type of already made box is provide yet it is to be designed. A designer just measures the length as width, height and depth, then tries to produce the design based on the known sizes.

How to get the dimensions of the Box to create Mockup?

In order to achieve the accurate end results. Its must to have proper dimension knowledge. Every box has six faces, though it can have different front, side and top sizes. In some cases when a box has same kind of measurements for all faces. So you have to observe it by yourself.

D is Depth
W is Width
H is Height

A box has three parallel dimensions so, we need to measure only three faces.

All parallel faces in a box have same dimensions.

How to measure box

Tools: You need a simple ruler to measure lengths or all faces.

  • Place the box in front of your facing front and opening at the top.
  • Take the ruler and start by taking the measurement of Height of the box vertically.
  • For the Width measure same face horizontally.
  • We shall be moving the box almost at 90 degrees so that we can see a side of the box and take the measurements of its Depth. You can move it either left of right.

Design A Box Mockup

Following the steps you can get a know how about the box mockups.

  • You need a software to design a box mockup. mostly the basic scenes are generated or created in Photoshop and 3d Softwares like Cinema 4d, 3ds max etc.
  • You need to know about the dimensions of the box you want to create presentation. Its a kind of pre-requirement. A creator must know the exact depth, height and width.
  • After you have pretty much knowledge about dimensions. Just draw box following the height, width and length.
  • Keep in mind you need to draw it in realistic background scene but the box object will be kept in white color but definitely having the shadows and light details on it.
  • Now import the rendered image of Box in the Photoshop and do the post processing.
  • Wed need to create different layers for the different box faces, with the known sizes and make them smart object.
  • Adjust the created box faces using the distort tool.
  • The mockup is ready.


Here is an Example of clean and realistic Box Mockup.

Box Mockup

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